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How does the Diamond Hurricane Screen work?

Our screen is a woven polymer product of great strength that withstands impacts from flying objects. It is specifically designed to protect against high impact flying debris, wind and rain.

Does this product meet Florida Building Code requirements?

Yes; it has Florida Building Code approval (FL8472) and is IBC (International Building Code) compliant. It also has Texas insurance industry and building code approval. (SHU-152)

Does it meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards?

Yes, it has ASME approval and is also approved internationally by ICC.

Will this product prevent my windows from getting broken?

Not always. Depending on the weight and speed of the projectile, the flying object could deflect the screen enough to break the glass of the window. However the screen will not be penetrated and the opening in the structure will remain protected against penetration by wind, rain, and flying debris.

If my window gets broken, will this product inhibit wind and rain from entering my home?

Yes. The polymer screen allows approximately 3% air passage, which permits gentle air circulation in hurricane and non-hurricane periods. Rain penetration is also negligible.

Is this hurricane screen better than the metal shields or solid fabric barriers available at some home improvement stores?

The Storm Source hurricane screens are transparent and permit normal daylight conditions along with gentle air circulation. Depending on the circumstances, polymer screens can be more resistant to penetration by flying objects than typical metal shutters. However, each hurricane protection product offers unique benefits and disadvantages including cost, storage, handling, appearance, rusting, weight and acceptance within community associations.

Can I see through this screen?

Our screens provide visibility to the outdoors while allowing light to enter the room enabling you to remain in your home and carry out normal daytime activities without having to turn on the lights. In addition, the homeowner does not have to immediately remove the hurricane screens after the storm passes as compared to view- and air-restrictive solid fabric, metal or plywood panels.

When installed, will this product allow light into my home?

Yes, it allows about 75-80% light penetration. When the storm is over and the electricity is gone, you can still see what you are doing and enjoy your home during daylight hours.

Can the screen be left up all the time? What is the impact of ultraviolet light on these products?

Diamond hurricane screens should not be left up all the time or used as shade screens for extended periods. They are designed for use as opening protection from hurricanes and the recommendation is for homeowners to install the screens only when a hurricane threatens their home directly. Screens on doors should be put up whenever storms threaten and taken down and stored after the danger has passed. You can also put them up for short periods when you are away from home during hurricane season.

Diamond hurricane screens should not be kept up for lengthy periods because the fabric may weaken following extended exposure to UV rays. This applies to all fabric hurricane screens and panels, regardless of brand or make, and can be corroborated in the specific product's engineering report on With Diamond hurricane screens, the screen color is a factor: lighter screen colors are more susceptible to UV light and the black screen is the least susceptible.

Please see the Warranty for details on the service period of these products.

Air Flow: How does it work?

During hurricanes, our screens act as a wind and rain abatement system, reducing the hurricane winds by 97% on the inside of the screen. Unlike other hurricane protection methods that block virtually all air circulation and sunlight, creating an incubator for mold and mildew, our screens accommodate air circulation (when the window is open) and sunlight. They offer clear views of external events, saving the homeowner from the cavelike claustrophobic experience that other hurricane protection methods impose.

What anchors are installed into my building?

Storm Source hurricane screens can be fastened directly to anchors or to a track installed in the exterior wall of your home. Some direct mount fastening systems are installed flush with the exterior wall while others have a short metal stud coming out from the wall. Whether the homeowner prefers to install our screens permanently or just put them up when required, the attachment anchors or track used to fasten them to the exterior wall are permanent. We recommend the homeowner investigate the types of anchors they will use carefully before installation begins.

Can I install The Storm Source screens by myself?

Our product and our installation instructions are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. For those who are not skilled in this area, it is advisable to hire a licensed contractor since correct installation is critical to the product's strength and function.

What kind of tools do I need?

The tools needed will depend on the type of structure on which you are installing our product. Please read the Installation Instructions on this website and on

How difficult are they to put up and how long does it take?

Once the anchoring system is in place, Storm Source screens are easy to deploy. They are lightweight (a little less than 1 ounce per square foot). Most homes can be fully protected by one person in a short (compared to plywood!!) period of time.

What kind of maintenance does your system require?

Make sure screens are clean and dry before storing. Use only soapy water and a clean sponge or rag; do not use abrasive cleaners. It is preferable that you store screens either rolled up or hung vertically, off the ground, in a dry, protected and easily accessible location.

Do they store easily?

Since our hurricane screens are lightweight and flexible, they can be stored easily. We recommend that the user identify the location of the window or door directly on the attached label. We advise that our screens be stored rolled up or hung flat since they can develop permanent creases when folded.

Where can I buy Storm Source hurricane screens? Are they available in stores?

Storm Source screens are not available in stores. We sell them uniquely across the web in order to provide the best cost benefit to the buyer.

Can I order this product from you over the phone?

Yes. Please see the Customer Service telephone number at the top of this page under Contact Info.

May I pay by cash or check?

No. As an e-commerce site, we can only accept payment by credit card.

If the product does not fit when I receive it, what do I do?

Contact our office listed on this website or call our Customer Service telephone number. Please see our policy (Ordering) for returns and refunds.

How does your product compare with other hurricane protection products in terms of price?

See our Product Comparison page for a comparison of our product with other hurricane protection products in the marketplace.

What if I have questions about the product or the installation that are not addressed on this website?

Go to the Contact Us page on this website, fill out the form and submit it to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We want to understand your situation and help you choose the most cost effective solution that will address your needs.


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