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Hurricane Screens for Garage Doors


Diamond Hurricane Screens can protect any garage door opening from hurricane force winds.

Garage doors come in various designs and with different options, from the carriage house door to the pull out and roll up models. Garage doors, regardless of the type you may have, create one of the greatest vulnerabilities to your home in a hurricane.

Vulnerability of the Garage Door:

Garage doors are manufactured to operate in normal conditions. However, a severe storm or hurricane can knock the door off its hinges, providing unrestricted wind access to your structure. The Storm Source delivers a garage door screen that eliminates this danger by restricting wind and rain access should the entrance be breached, and by restricting flying debris from damaging your door, thus reducing the need for repainting, repair or replacement of the garage door.

The Storm Source offers custom fit screens for any size or type of garage door.

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2014-07-21 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook 2014
2014 hurricane outlook for the Atlantic Ocean

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K.M., Clearwater, Florida

I already had hurricane protection for my windows but my insurance company told me I had to protect my front door. The Storm Source recommended the

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