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Force 12 Limited Conditional Warranty


1) The Storm Source, through its fabricator, warrants our hurricane wind abatement product to be free from manufacturing defects and to perform to tested loads as follows: all parts with the exception of the motor are warranted for the period of 10 years. The motor is warranted by their manufacturer(s) for 5 years.

2) This warranty does not cover the following:

a. Damage or loss of strength in the fabric due to extended exposure to ultraviolet rays.

b. Damage sustained from flying debris or abrasion from adjacent structure.

c. Improper installation, misuse, or loads exceeding design. Installation must conform to installation instructions and meet local code requirements.

d. The Storm Source or its fabricator shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, loss or injury.

e. Our fabricator may repair or replace any warrantable defect at its discretion.

3) All products must conform to the specifications set out in the engineering documentation. All products must be installed by a licensed general contractor, certified installation technician or by the property/home owner, per the specifications of Force 12 engineering package and written installation instructions. Services provided by unauthorized dealers may result in damage to your Force 12 products and void your warranties.

4) This warranty is the only warranty and replaces any other, whether expressed or implied. This warranty reserves the right to inspect and repair or replace any defective item that would be covered by its appointed agent.

5) This warranty is prorated over the 10 year warranty period which means that within the first year, the replacement costs are covered 100%; for subsequent years the scale is as follows: 2nd year – 80%; 3rd year – 60%; 4th year – 40%; 5th year – 20%; 6-10 years – 10%.

6) After the initial one-year warranty period stated herein, there will be a fee for travel and labor on all inspection visits as well as the installation and handling of any warranted item.

7) To activate, this warranty must be registered with our fabricator within 60 days of shipment by signing and mailing a copy of the warranty registration form included with the shipment of the product to the designated address. The warranty is transferable to any owner or occupant of the structure for which it was originally manufactured and installed. This warranty may be transferred to a new owner of the property by submitting a registered and notarized letter from the purchaser within 30 days of the property sale to The Storm Source, naming the new property owner as the new warranty holder. A $50.00 processing fee must accompany the letter. Failure to transfer the document will void the warranty.

This Certifies that Force 12 products have been designed and installed at the following structure’s address:

Property Owner Name: ___________________________________________________

Property Street Address: _________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________State: _____ Zip: ____________

The Storm Source Sales Number: __________________________________________

As validated by The Storm Source, LLC. on ________________________(Month/Day/Yr)

The Storm Source, LLC.
PO Box 8901
Madeira Beach, FL. 33738-8901


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